Supersonic Air Travel Is the ‘Next Big Thing,

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Supersonic jetliner travel, which ended more than a decade ago with the Concorde, will make a comeback and transform the aviation industry in coming years, according to billionaire Richard Branson.."The next big thing, hopefully in my lifetime, will be supersonic travel coming back and people traveling around the world in next to no time," Branson told The Concorde, flown by British Airways and Air France, retired in after almost three decades in service as customers, weighed down by hefty .Supersonic Air Travel Is the Next Big Thing, Richard Branson Says . point by JSeymourATL days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss .Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. The business magnate is predicts supersonic jet travel will make a comeback. Bloomberg. Skift Take Richard Branson has a history of making bold predictions that don t turn out quite right. If and it s a big if supersonic jet travel makes a comeback, commercially .

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