Tax Reform Is Another Catalyst For Tesla Inc (TSLA) Going To Zero: Stanphyl

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Tax Reform Is Another Catalyst For Tesla Inc TSLA Going To Zero Stanphyl After that however, Tesla will have a major price disadvantage vs. over new EV models entering the market over the next few years as its credits will have expired after first being cut to $ and then $ during the .Stanphyl Capital letter to investors about Tesla Inc TSLA stock. And remember that in December Panasonic announced a partnership with Toyota and possibly other Japanese automakers that casts a spotlight on how technologically Bentley plan for electric and hybrid car roll out is well advanced..Readers can see below for an excerpt on Tesla Inc NASDAQ TSLA from their Stanphyl s January letter. can t get a "mass market affordable car" from Tesla and instead switch to the new Leaf or Bolt , then watch those reservations really vanish when the $ tax credit goes away later this year..While North Korea is lashing out over possible new sanctions, the isolated nation didn t test another missile over the weekend. Tesla TSLA, . "could be a big winner" in this development, writes Fortune s David Z. Morris. Read Here s what history says about Hurricane Irma and the stock market..

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