Tech in 2018: Will China’s Cowardly Lions Get Some Courage?

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Feb th . by THE DATA TEAM. THE technology industry is the crowning glory of America s economy. It supports m well paid jobs at home, and And although China does have two giant tech firms in Tencent and Alibaba, as well as lots of small ones, it has relatively few mid sized companies in the .The international reach of China s tech companies and investors grew and grew with myriad, often minority, investments too small to show up in national statistics but that gave companies access to innovative technology and business models to scale in China. In , a lot more attention will be paid to global Chinese .Forrester s China Tech Market Outlook, To report forecasts that business and government purchases of technology goods and services will grow by in and in in US dollar terms. In the past two years, weak domestic demand and rapid currency devaluation put critical pressure .The Asian powerhouse is catching up to the United States in the race to develop and harness emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence. The question now is whether U.S. tech firms will be able to keep up with their Chinese counterparts breakthroughs..

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