Tesla Adds Battery Pre-Heating To Improve Efficiency In Cold Climates

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Of course, the advantage is that the battery can charge while the pre heating process takes place, which maintains the charge before taking the vehicle for a drive. Tesla says that the new feature will maximize efficiency in cold climates. Electrek s Take. It s no automatic windshield wipers, but I think the .It seems Tesla is getting more prepared for the cold months ahead, and catering more toward cold climates. Battery pre heating has arrived..GeneralTesla is working on a battery pre heating feature to maximize efficiency in cold climates electrek.co . submitted Edit I should add that yes, you are correct that there are or at least may be some places where efficient solar panels can provide enough power to be worth their installation. I don t .I ve tried preheating with Tesla app however even after an hour preheat, it still takes a half hour to get regen. Made worse by the fact that my FYI Tesla has added a info sheet in the support section of this site that provides basic description of preconditioning in cold weather. In case you are interested, .

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