The Birth Control Pill May Raise Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

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There is also some evidence that birth control pills may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Still, research suggested that older forms of hormonal birth control that contained higher doses of hormones were linked to a higher risk of breast cancer. Newer forms of contraceptives that contained lower doses of .Taking hormone based contraception such as the birth control pill raises a woman s risk of breast cancer by percent, a new Danish study shows. Yes, hormonal contraception may increase your risk for breast cancer, but the absolute risk of breast cancer is small." This study was done in Denmark, .Breast cancer Anysis of data from more than , women who participated in epidemiologic stu.s showed that, overall, women who had ever used oral contraceptives had a slight increase in the relative risk of breast cancer compared with women who had never used oral contraceptives. Women who .

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