The Real Reason for Walmart’s Wage Hike

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Image Result For The Real Reason For Walmart

Image Result For The Real Reason For Walmart

When Walmart announced that it was giving all employees raises, bonusesor boththanks to the new tax cut, it didn t take long for the political spinning to start around the news. For Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump, it added up This was the trickle down effect that proponents of .In this case, there s good reason to think that Walmart needed to raise wages anyway Labor markets are tight, and in a number of areas, the company is now contending with locally imposed minimum wages that are already forcing Walmart to raise wages to $ an hour, or even higher. Establishing a .The Real Reason for Walmart s Wage Hike | RealClearPolitics..Have you heard the stories everywhere that Walmart is closing store to usher in Martial law? Well, fortunately .

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