The Verge 2017 tech report card: Uber

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Image Result For The Verge  Tech Report Card Uber

Image Result For The Verge Tech Report Card Uber

Has any other company had a more batshit year than Uber? In lieu of a traditional report card, I briefly considered just copying and pasting text from the Book of Revelation into this article. That s how bad it was. Let s recap Uber CEO Travis Kalanick joins President Trump s business council, and faces an .Others found runaway success with a viral release of a much needed, innovative product. So, how did giants like Facebook, Google, Nintendo, Uber, Tesla, Samsung, Apple,, and more do compared to last year? Find out as we take a look back in our tech report cards, compiled by The Verge .The Verge published an estimated articles about Uber in . To me, that seems low. So much Uber related news happened this year, it boggles my mind Lawsuits, self driving cars, a new logo, new app, more lawsuits, new community guidelines, a murder spree, self driving trucks, and finally, the .Of course, there s a very good reason for all this stories are popular, and popular places on the internet are ripe for that sweet advertising money. Aside from stories, though, the past year saw Instagram s fortunes rise, with record high monthly users and various new features across almost every part of the .

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