Ulta lawsuit claims stores re-sold returned makeup as new products

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Ulta Beauty, a national chain of stores with dozens of locations in New Jersey, has been accused in a lawsuit of re selling returned cosmetics that might have contained "dirt, disease causing pathogens and other filthy substances." Ulta allegedly repackaged makeup returned by customers and then .A lawsuit claims that beauty product chain Ulta repackages returned cosmetics and sells them to unsuspecting customers. Zimmerman said some products purchased from the Ulta store on North Michigan Avenue seem to be previously used, such as eyeshadows missing a brush and face cleansers that .It claims that Ulta will return those used products to its shelves to be purchased by other, unsuspecting, customers. since this practice began was put at risk of unwittingly purchasing used, unsanitary cosmetics and this risk reduces the desirability and value of all cosmetics sold by Ulta," the lawsuit states..Social media users claiming to be current or former Ulta employees say managers encouraged them to "clean" and repackage used makeup in unsanitary ways. The company told TODAY Style in a statement that used products are supposed to be thrown away, not resold. "We do not allow the resale of .

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