Vaccination can prevent the reinfection of HPV in men

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  1. Vaccination can prevent the reinfection of HPV in men  The TeCake
  2. Men with genital Human Papilloma Virus at increased risk of reinfection
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Men can get prevention from the Human Papilloma Virus HPV . Vaccination can play a crucial role in altering the risk of infection, for that, men need to i.. According to a study, men who have been infected with a particular type of HPV HPV are times more likely to be reinfected with the same type of HPV after one year.. The study, published December in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, highlights the importance of vaccination for preventing the spread of HPV in young men before they becomeually active. Vaccination could potentially prevent reinfection in older men who have already . "The data show why HPV vaccination is so important. Vaccinating boys before they areually active or exposed to HPV could prevent initial infection," said Giuliano. "It may also be beneficial to vaccinate older men who have already had the virus to reduce their risk of reinfection." HPV is the most .

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