Vaccines still best weapon vs infectious diseases: WHO

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The World Health Organization WHO on Wednesday reminded the public that vaccination is still the best .Specific vaccines have also been used to protect those in greatest need of protection against infectious diseases, such as pregnant women, cancer patients and the Immunization programmes, compared to other common public health interventions such as wearing seat belts and chlorination of drinking water, are a good .As powerful weapons against infectious disease. The safer should be chosen. It is May of and, along with the blooms of flowers, a deadly smallpox epidemic is sweeping across England. The disease is called the "speckled monster" because of the disfiguring. VACCINES. Vaccines Essential Weapons in the Fight .Still, more than . million people worldwide each year from infectious diseases. Of particular concern today are virulent forms of "super bugs" that have mutated and grown resistant to available antibiotics. Among medicines in development are those for resistant forms of tuberculosis and staph infections, according a .

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