Vampire bat rabies bleeds Peru’s Andean farmers dry

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  1. Vampire bat rabies bleeds Peru’s Andean farmers dry  Reuters
  2. A Pain in the Neck: Vampire bat-transmitted rabies in Peruvian cattle  PLOS Research News
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Dog rabies has almost been eliminated in most countries, but vampire bat rabies is an emerging problem, he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.Some farmers in southern Peru are reportedly abandoning livestock farming due tos of their animals from the infectious disease, he said by phone from .Vampire bats might seem like the stuff of nightmares but these blood drinking mammals exist, and they also spread disease. In Latin America, the bat Desmodus rotundus is the main carrier of rabies, which it transmits when feeding on cattle. The full impact of vampire bat transmitted rabies on livestock was .We used questionnaires to quantify under reporting of livestocks across agricultural communities with differing access to health resources and epidemiological histories of vampire bat rabies VBR in the regions of Apurimac, Ayacucho and Cusco in southern Peru. Farmers who believed VBR was .The study, carried out in Peru, estimates that more than heads of cattle each year are killed by rabies passed on by the common vampire bat, at a The bats swoop down at night to bite cattle, and even if the animals survive, bleeding, lower milk production, and other health issues can cause problems..

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