Warren Buffett Has $100 Billion to Spend, What's He Going to Buy?

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Buffett appears interested in investment opportunities, particularly bolt on acquisitions, Edward Jonesyst Jim Shanahan told The Deal BRK.B..Here s why Berkshire s massive stockpile of cash is a problem for Buffett and his shareholders and what the company might choose to do about it. Berkshire Hathaway recently released its second quarter earnings report, and its balance sheet showed that the company s cash .Warren Buffett s conglomerate is just shy of $ Billion, a milestone Buffett probably wishes wasn t approaching. One thing that could accelerate Berkshire s spending is a correction or even a bear market, said Bill Smead, who oversees about $. billion including Berkshire shares at Smead Capital .Berkshire Hathaway NYSE BRK A NYSE BRK B , the conglomerate led by billionaire Warren Buffett, is sitting on a cash hoard of nearly $ billion. With its $ billion stockpile of cash, Berkshire certainly has the ability to make some game changing acquisitions if it can find the right opportunities..

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