WATCH: Ants Act As Medics, Treat Wounds Of Injured Nest-Mates

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  1. WATCH: Ants Act As Medics, Treat Wounds Of Injured Nest-Mates  NPR
  2. In wars with termites, ants rescue and care for their wounded  Ars Technica
  3. On the Battlefield, Ants Treat Each Other’s War Wounds  Live Science
  4. Following Battles, Ant Medics Treat Their Wounded Comrades  Discover Magazine (blog)
  5. These termite-hunting ants lick the severed legs of their friends to treat them  The Verge
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A Matabele ant treats the wounds of a mate whose limbs were bitten off during a fight with termite The research team, from Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg JMU in Bavaria, also shared videos of ants examining injured colleagues in the field, and cleaning the wounds upon return to the nest..NPRWATCH Ants Act As Medics, Treat Wounds Of Injured Nest MatesNPRAfrican Matabele ants are fighters a" several times a day, they leave their nes..WSKG @WSKG. Providing local news, @NPR, and @PBS programming. Plus, arts, education, history on air and online in NY s Southern Tier and Northern PA. Southern Tier Northern PA. Joined March . Tweets. Twitter About Help Center Terms Privacy policy Cookies Ads info..On the Battlefield, Ants Treat Each Other s War Wounds Explore detail Est. read time mins . Share Read. . . nature. d ago. Tweets . K. Followers . M. Following . Some ants nurse nest mates wounded in battle in an effort to prevent infection. A trial reveals that heavily injured ants were left behind, but those .

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