Will Fiat Chrysler be bought by the Chinese?

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Image Result For Will Fiat Chrysler Be Bought By The Chinese

Nearly a decade after he helped rescue Detroit s third largest automaker from liquidation with the help of a government bailout, Sergio Marchionne has made Fiat Chrysler healthier, wealthier and wiser. But despite a return to profitability and a vastly improved product lineup not to mention major U.S . Slide The new Jeep Cherokee will be one of the highlights of. Slide of Volkswagen is expected to introduce the latest version of its Jetta. Slide of BMW says its new X will be a sporty, fast. Slide The Mercedes Benz GLS Grand Edition is one of the new. Slide Infiniti will . This will seem counterintuitive to many, but an acquisition by a Chinese buyer flush with cash could result in an acceleration of product development, making Fiat Chrysler more competitive. This could lead to job security or more jobs for engineers and, by making the company more competitive, provide job . Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV s FCA FCHA.MI FCAU.N has no intention of breaking up the company or selling individual brands to China or other parties, the company s chief executive said on Monday, adding that the group was counting on its coveted Jeep brand to drive future profits..

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