Will the Trump administration let Rupert Murdoch sell Fox to Disney?

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The Justice Department may have to start scrutinizing another big media deal Disney is widely expected to acquire the majority of st Century Fox..While the Trump administration has moved to block one media deal, the president offered support to another and said that it would be a "great thing" for jobs. President Donald Trump called Rupert Murdoch on Thursday and congratulated him ahead of a deal for Walt Disney Co. to buy some of the .Donald Trump on Thursday congratulated the media mogul Rupert Murdoch on his sale of st Century Fox s key assets to Disney. call comes as the Trump administration is embroiled in a heated row over another giant media deal with executives at Time Warner, which is seeking to sell key assets to the .President Trump called to congratulate st Century Fox owner Rupert Murdoch on Thursday following the announcement that Disney will buy most of Fo. Now that the ink is dry, it s up to federal regulators to decide whether to let the acquisition go through. The Justice Department is currently suing to .

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